Monday, September 03, 2007

Craft Shows and Festivals

A couple weekends ago Leonard and I went to Art in the Park in Uxbridge, ON. For an outdoor show, it is one of the most scenic. The trees are gorgeous and the weather was phenomenal this year too. I enjoyed looking at the different vendors. I bought a fused glass pendant from Judi Waymark of The Glass Garden. I liked her colour combinations and shapes. She has control over the shape of the glass.

We attended Kawartha Arts Festival at the Fenelon Fairgrounds in Fenelon Falls, ON this past weekend. It was another gorgeous day. Most of the art was paintings. A few of the artisans stood out though... One was Victor Lee. He enamels on coins and then puts them in a silver finding. (Lee's Fine Enamel, Another was Bearpaw Jewellery ( Most of their work was pierced silver designs. Then there was a non jewelry craftsman, William Edwards. He carves pictures and makes photo albums. I liked his work and his attitude. I like happy people.

There are a whole bunch of fairs and studio tours coming up, too. Guess it's that time of year!

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