Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Beginning of the Rings

This is the beginning of my rings. I just love wrapping rings. I guess it stems from my childhood... I never had rings and always wanted them. When I was in high school, I must have thought they were too expensive and was too timid to ask: "How much does it cost?" So, I now make inexpensive wrapped rings that make the wearer happy.... at least they make me happy! Yes, I have made rings for all my fingers and toes and then some.... Want to have some adventure in your life? Buy a "fun", "OMG" or "what was I thinkin' " ring.... I can probably fit the bill.... THIS ring is for the conservative minded. I start with non tarnish silver Artistic Wire and 5 mm gold filled filigree beads, 5 mm champagne czech glass beads and jet Swarovski crystals. Then I wrap, twist and curl and VOILE: A ring is produced. Conservative, but fun and sparkly. Watch for more to come....!


JB Design Boutique said...

Interesting design. I like.

Carrie G said...

very bold and yet not to heavy. Very pretty. Congrats on the bus driving gig. My husbands aunt got hers in her late 40's and really enjoyed it.
Thanks for posting on my blog, I appreciate your thoughts.

Perfectly Twisted said...

Very nice - very eye catching.