Sunday, August 13, 2006


As stated in a previous post I took an Art Clay Silver Class with Jennifer Tough at beadF/X in Scarborough on August 4, 2006. These are the finished product.... fired and tumbled. For a first time attempt, I'm pleased with the results. They aren't as rough as I thought they would be and my CZ's didn't fall out during tumbling, so I must have secured them better than I thought. The bead at 9 o'clock in the picture is the only round one. The long, tubular bead at 5 o'clock has 4 trillion (triangle shape) CZ's. I must say that I do love that shape.

I saw another student's work (HI, Erin), and her beads were awesome. This girl has the TOUCH! Go, ERIN!

Now, I have to start on my next batch of beads. I have some ideas floating in my head for designs. Now to do them.
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Barb said...

Beth Ann your art clay silver beads are great! Mary Lou & I have just been discussing doing a class. This is a new medium for us, but from what I've read it sounds very interesting. Glad to hear you are daggling in it. Your results are encouraging.