Monday, August 07, 2006

My first Art Clay Silver Class at beadF/X

Friday evening, August 4, I attended a class in Art Clay Silver (ACS) Beads taught by Jennifer Tough at beadF/X. There were 7 of us in attendance and it was so much FUN! Thank you, Jen and thank you, girls, for the awesome learning experience and wonderful camaraderie. I think we all felt the same when Jen opened a fresh package of clay and we realized that 20 grams is the size of a piece of Double Bubble Gum. (yup, I'm dating myself.)

We made layered beads, hollow beads and a tube bead. We embellished our beads with stamps and applied ACS in cut out patterns. We even got to use cubic zirconias.

We used ACS 650 slow dry clay, ACS paste and an ACS syringe. Jen is now firing and tumbling our pieces. I can hardly wait to see the finished product . I want to critique my initial beads before I build more so that if I am making a mistake or two (G).... I won't be repeating them through ignorance.

I enjoy Jen's teaching style. She knows Art Clay Silver and she guided us patiently through each step. She is generous with materials and sources. She has a wonderful selection of stamps and cutters. I look forward to learning more from her. Oh and yes, I want to do more with ACS.

To purchase Art Clay Silver or to take classes, check out beadF/X in Scarborough or go online at www.beadF/

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