Friday, July 31, 2009

Its the last day of July, 2009.... Where has the year gone?

Time is fleeting..... boy, that is an understatement!

School ended the end of June. My brother, Mark married Claudia on July 2. It was a gorgeous wedding. Just our immediate families. Mother's husband, Mervyn died July 13. We knew he was sick, but it still was a shock. Had Uxbridge Ribfest in July. That was a hoot and the weather was cool, but not too rainy. Attendance was down though.... I think it was the weather. The venue is awesome and the Lion's Club were advertising.

Bilko, our oldest Boston Terrier, is declining. He is totally blind and deaf. When he barks we go see what he is up too. I think he sleeps 22+ hours a day. At least he is still eating and drinking and still likes going outside to do his business! July 20, I noticed he had a bloody eye. I freaked. He had ruptured his eyeball. Dr. Debbie, our vet, was very matter of fact.... even if we could justify the expense of surgery, Bilko probably couldn't handle it. Bil doesn't seem to be in much pain and I just clean the area and Leonard and I both comfort him.

Leonard split and stacked all the wood we have in less than a week. He's my hero!

We have had dismal weather for the last 10 days.... I need sunshine, not clouds. I feel for the farmers around here, the corn is behind and hay doesn't look too good either. Too wet and cool. Sure hope the potatoes aren't rotting! At least it is mainly sunny today. This is Ontario's Civic Holiday weekend. Hopefully we will see some of Leonard's family this weekend.

In two weeks is Art in the Park in Uxbridge. That is always a well run show. I just have to keep working on my rings so that I have a great selection!

That's it for today, the last day of July......


Peggi said...

Awwww, How is Bilko doing? I have two fur babies, Jack and Harley, both chihuahuas. Jack is six and Harley is two. I don't know what I'll do when the time comes for either one to cross the rainbow bridge. It will be like losing a child.

Chance is adorable, too! My brother has a Boston Terrier.

They're just the cutest little doggies! said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning!

I lost the first sentence somewhere. I have a whole book to write back to you.

It'll have to wait, though, my friend is coming over so I can put her roots back to their natural color. Pesky little buggers.

Come to think of it, mine are getting there, too.

Lots to tell so I will write you back later today.

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