Monday, December 29, 2008

My Boys

These are "my boys". Bilko (on the right) was our first. We "inherited" Chance this past May. Someone had dumped him alongside the road and animal control picked him up. I was called since animal control wondered if he was Bilko. Long story short, we got him a week later. I don't think he had a life outside of a crate and the vet thinks he was used for breeding. He was not house trained, marked his territory, hated the crate and fell down the stairs. After two days he could navigate the stairs. Within a month, he was house trained. We had him neutered and the marking stopped. He still hates the crate. We bought him a fancy bed and he'd only sleep in it if I put him in it and went to bed. He had to sleep with us. His idea of sleeping with us is with his head on the pillows between us and Bilko at his feet. We named him Chance, as in "last chance". Animal control would have put him down if we would not have come forward since his manners weren't that wonderful.

Chance learned his name fast. I learned fast not to try to hand feed him. Evidentally food was of utmost importance to him since he would wolf his down and go look for Bilko's. That caused a massive problem.... He started bleeding from the front of his lower gum one day. He bleed for two + days. We thought he was a goner. The vet didn't think he was going to make it either. We still don't know what caused this, but we think he got into some type of poison since he would try to eat anything. He was on steriods for a month and got better. We weaned him off the steriods and the house accidents stopped. We were glad he was alive.

Chance is my dog. I go to the kitchen, he's right behind me. I go downstairs, he's there. I sit here at the computer and he lays on the rug beside my chair. When he goes outdoors he doesn't wander to far from the back step. When I call, he comes.

Chance knows I drive the school bus. He doesn't try to go out with me anymore since he knows I'm coming home. Len says Chance starts barking when I pull up in front of the house and get ready to back in. He is waiting for me at the back door. He is a good dog.

Chance has adapted very well to his new life. He knows how to sit and takes treats without me loosing a finger. He doesn't rush Bilko's food and doesn't always eat all of his in the first minute. The biggest change has been in the car... he gets in and sleeps. Before he'd stand in a corner or try to get under my feet on the driver's side. That has stopped. I don't know what we did before Chance. I don't think Bilko does either. I'm glad he has come into our lives.


dragonjools said...

Yay for rescued dogs - they always seem to know that they caught a break!

Jean Menden said...

Wow I love the story of Chance and I commend you for giving him a home. I also am a dog lover, jewelry lover, and husband lover-my own of course.
Thanks for following my blog, take a look at the charm bracelet in the miscellaneous section.

lawatha said...

Heartwarming story. I don't know who is luckier, you or Chance. :)

Best to all of you-

Beth Ann said...

I am the lucky one!

Bean Collins said...

oooh, look at those cuties! I love bostons, we are actually thinking of getting one as a companion to my pug, gunter. Do you have any advice?